Where It Began

Introducing Float Zero, a floatation therapy studio based in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

We were so excited when Audrey, the founder of Float Zero, approached Monique to work on this project with her. When we started, Float Zero was a newly acquired brand and Audrey, being new to the world of entrepreneurship, was looking to get some exposure and equity in her community but wasn’t sure how. This is where we came in.

Audrey wasn’t quite sure about her direction for the brand when she approached us and felt snowed under. Following our brand strategy and trajectory process, we collaborated with Audrey closely to help her find clarity and determine her vision for Float Zero. We then moved on to strategising and laying down milestones on how to get her there.

At the time, Monique had only heard of “sensory deprivation pods” and their many benefits so delving deeper into the world of floating was enriching for our team. Being able to work on a project that brought this unique experience to South Africa was a prospect in which we were proud to play a part.

The Journey

Audrey purchased Float Zero, and the logo was part of the purchasing terms. So, our job was focused on bringing the “brand” to life. This involved us re-furbishing the logo, selecting a colour palette inspired by the ocean’s beauty – specifically chosen to bring feelings of “lightness” and “tranquillity”, creating detailed brand style guidelines and building out their brand voice.

Once we had the brand identity in place, we wrote sales-driven website copy and collaborated with an agency partner to bring the Float Zero website to life. The DVS team worked on designing print and digital collateral, including assets such as business cards, a pitch deck for their corporate employee-wellness marketing campaign, treatment menus, launch flyers, gift vouchers, tri-fold flyers and more.

Through our efforts, Float Studio was even featured in Stellenbosch Visio, The Business of Golf Magazine and WeWomenGolf.

Our team was also the brains and creatives behind Float Zero’s social media designs and captions between August 2021 and July the brand unfolds after being provided with a solid foundation.

Where Are They Now?

Audrey’s studio is still going strong in Stellenbosch and we’re keeping an eye on this team and will continue to support them and their services. We are always available to offer a helping hand and offer advice when Audrey and her team need it.

If you’re looking to reset, revive and reboot, we highly recommend Float Zero if you’re in the Stellenboch area.

Services Rendered

  • Brand Identity Development
  • Social Media Strategy, Design, Captioning & Scheduling
  • Graphic Design (Print & Digital)
  • Copywriting 
  • Pitch Deck Design
  • Marketing and Business Consulting

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