Where It Began

Introducing The French Parfumerie, a nationwide high-end fragrance supplier based in South Africa.

Nicoline, part of the mother-daughter founders of TFP, approached us after loving the look of our featured work. Having found our page on Instagram, she reached out to Monique and was eager to get started right away.

When we first got into contact with Nicoline, her business was scaling rapidly. While very exciting, Nicoline and her team were quickly becoming overwhelmed and needed help managing this growth as well as putting down strategies to sustain it.

The Journey

We were ready to begin collaborating after our initial strategy sessions were complete and we had more direction. The DVS team got stuck in with planning and managing Nicoline’s brand presence and community management.

The biggest area that we were able to help TFP capitalise on was Nicoline’s social media presence. We got this on brand with cohesive social strategies and content plans. We further nurtured the engagement that was at risk of being missed out on big platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We took a holistic approach to the TFP team’s marketing by expanding into email marketing with community-engaging newsletters that offered product updates, valuable insights, and more.

Where Are They Now?

The French Parfumerie’s still delivering throughout South Africa with numerous stockists. We are big fans of this brand and continue to use their products to this day. Our social media strategy is featured on their pages as well as the brand templates and elements designed by our team.

For fragrances that can match your mood, the season or a gift for a loved one, The French Parfumerie has plenty of scents to choose from.

Services Rendered

  • Social Media Strategy, Design, Captioning & Scheduling
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Marketing and Business Consulting
  • Email Marketing
  • Graphic Design

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