How A Powerful Brand Identity Will Unleash Business Growth

In order to bring in sales, you need to market your business. But before you can market your business, you need a holistic brand strategy that clearly differentiates your brand’s unique visual identity.


Well, we’ve outlined the various ways that brand strategy, direction, and identity can accelerate your business’s success below.

It Looks Good, So It Must Be Good

Picture this…

A stale-looking piece of greyish cake sits in the bakery’s window.

Next to it lies a large slice of moist chocolate cake with thick, ebony icing. Melted chocolate drips off of the sides, and a caramel centre oozes out onto the golden plate on which it sits.

The slice of cake looks incredible.

It stands to reason that it will taste incredible, or so your brain tells you. Without hesitation, you order the chocolate cake, not giving the other slice a second thought.

Elevated branding increases the perceived value your customers and would-be customers associate with your business.

When you look professional, your target market automatically – even subconsciously – expects a certain level of service from you. When the cake looks scrumptious, diners simply expect it to be scrumptious.

Giving your audience a great first impression will make it that much easier for them to trust you enough to make a purchase, book a call, or request a service.

Investing in a premium look that captures the attention of your audience is one of the simplest and quickest ways to stand out from the competition and enhance your brand’s perceived value. It also allows you to increase your current pricing without making changes to your existing offer.

Setting Up Shop In Their Minds

When you unlock the psychology behind why people do – or don’t do – something, you unleash a powerful secret weapon. As visual beings, your target market is influenced by the fonts and colours that you use to represent your brand.
Thanks to our caveman instincts, colour incites a knee-jerk reaction in your audience. When they see a bright, violent red, they instinctively pay attention.

This is why “Sale” signs are often red. Similarly, more soothing colours like pale blue will calm your audience down – and because humans like to be calm and relaxed – they’ll feel drawn to you. They’ll trust you.

Fonts also tell your audience a story. Swooping, curvy text reminds your audience of fancy 18th-century letters written with a fountain pen and brings sophistication and elegance to mind.

Minimal, rounded text reminds your audience of modern, trendy brands like Apple.

When you waste the opportunity to tell your market a story through your brand’s colours and fonts, you’re letting the chance to get into their heads pass you by.

Infiltrating Their Hearts

The mental picture customers have of you is important. The way that you make them feel—now that’s priceless.

People won’t buy from your business because your website copy is grammatically correct. They won’t buy from you because your logo looks halfway decent.

People will buy from you when they experience something immersive, something special, with your brand.

When you can tap into your market’s emotions, you can sell to them.

When you have a comprehensive brand strategy, brand voice, and visual signature that make your audience feel something, you make your business real to your market.

You make your customers want your brand, not your products.

This opens up a world of profitable opportunities because your market isn’t obsessed with what you sell but with how you make them feel.

They’ll be willing to pay more, buy more, and refer more just to get another hit of the feeling they associate with your brand.

What You See Is What You Get

Lastly, when you take the time to build your business’s brand properly, you ensure that your packaging, billboards, social media marketing, and more are consistent and recognisable.

Coca-Cola can release an advert sans logo, and consumers across the globe will still recognise the brand thanks to the trademark cursive font and red and white of the brand.

This is no accident. With careful brand planning, Coke has crafted a deliberate brand identity that stands out from competitors.

When customers start to think of your business immediately after seeing your colours, your logo, submark, or even a small piece of copy, you build trust and authority in your space.

If you’re ready to accelerate your business’s growth, outperform the competition, and attract your ideal target market to your products or services in droves, let’s chat.

As you can see, it all starts with building – or rebuilding – a strategic, memorable brand and identity that customers simply cannot say no to.

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