Where It Began

Introducing Moms That Brunch, a safe space for mothers and women to feel encouraged and supported to share their experiences.

Kerryn & Ruchenda, the founding partners of Moms That Brunch, had seen previous work featured on our social media. They reached out to get the conversation started and once they selected their preferred package, Monique started our brand strategy and trajectory process.

The Journey

The next step was a two-hour brand discovery session where the Moms That Brunch team and Monique worked collaboratively to fill in our brand discovery questionnaire and offer our team as much context and vision as possible. From there, we used this value-packed session to craft detailed brand strategy and a comprehensive style guide

Kerryn & Ruchenda has clear and concise keywords when it came to what they wanted their brand to say. This was reflected in a brand colour palette that is feminine, colourful, bold, approachable and fun while staying within a professional tone. We ended up falling in love with the resultant pink and red hues.

Included in the brand guidelines were social media templates to help the Moms That Brunch team use their online presence to impart valuable education and knowledge to their niche audience of women and mothers while still staying faithful to an approachable air with every post.

Where Are They Now?

We have kept this short and sweet for now as more project phases are in the works with this collab with website design and development among other exciting things in progress so be sure to watch this space.

If you are looking for a safe space to connect with and gain support on your journey as a mom, Moms That Brunch is a supportive, active community that offers this and more.

Services Rendered

  • Brand Trajectory Strategy
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Social Media Template Creation

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