Where It Began

Introducing Willow Accounting, a family-run firm that supports freelancers and established businesses with accounting, tax and remote financial management services.

Willow was one of our first brand design clients and will always have a special place in our hearts. Having since inspired other clients to reach out to us for our services, we feel that this pride is well-placed. 

The Journey

Once the brand discovery sessions were concluded, the DVS team presented a detailed brand style guideline which included brand assets like the logo, stationary, social media elements and more.

Ann and Liam, the founders of Willow Accounting, had a clear vision of the kind of business they wanted to run. This was a personalised, curated brand that fits within a corporate setting. We felt that this would be best achieved with a soft, neutral colour palette that inspired growth with pops of earthy green and golden tones. 

Once the brand identity was finalised, Monique supported the Willow team further with marketing and business consulting sessions that focused on strategising when it comes to future growth and how to tie that in with their brand presence.

Where Are They Now?

The Willow Accounting team is offering its virtual financial services to clients around South Africa and proudly featuring its original cohesive brand and online presence. Things are still in the works with this collab with this only being phase one of our partnership with Willow, so be sure to watch this space.

Are you a business owner or freelance professional based in South Africa? We would recommend getting in touch with Willow Accounting.

Services Rendered

  • Brand Trajectory Strategy
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Marketing and Business Consulting

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